Armour consists of all worn items that don't fall into the weapons category and supply defence or are worn for cosmetic purposes that fall into the following categories.


These items are worn on the player's head. These are the most common item to be worn for cosmetic purposes.

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Body ArmourEdit

These items are worn on the user's chest. Some cover the entire torso and arms, while others cover only the chest.

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Leg ArmourEdit

These items are worn on the user's legs. These items mostly consist of pants and skirts.

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This selection of armour is worn on the user's feet. Boots are more commonly used as an attack booster since they aren't supplying too much defensive cover.

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Items of this nature are worn on the player's gloveslot, these items consist of gloves, bracelets, gauntlets, and vambraces.

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Capes are worn on the player's back. Some capes are worn to show off achievements (skill capes, fire capes, rare capes). They usually have higher defensive stats than offensive.

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Shields are worn on the player's left side. Shield's cannot be worn with two-handed weapons. There are numerous types of items to wear in this slot, as some players choose to wear a book than a shield in hopes to boost their magical ability.

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