The Chaotic Longsword is often regarded as one of the best single-handed weapons in Fire Pk. The CLS is often seen on wealthy players that are killing high leveled monsters. When used with the Saradomin Godsword special attack against monsters, it usually supplies more than enough damage to heal whatever damage the user has taken.

Price and WorthEdit

Price: 300-400M

Worth`: 225M (225,000,000gp)

  • `At Jatix

Getting oneEdit

There are a few ways to acquire a Chaotic Longsword, these include:

  • Buying one from other players
  • Killing a player who is risking one
  • Killing one of the few monsters that drop them:
    • Sea Troll Queen
    • Flambeed
    • Fire Pk Champion
  • Spending 1,000 Pk Points (250 player kills) at Mazchna


Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other bonuses
Stab: +107 Stab: +0 Strength: +120
Slash: +124 Slash: +3 Prayer: +0
Crush: -2 Crush: +2:
Magic: +0 Magic: +0
Ranged: +0 Ranged: +0


The speed of the Chaotic Longsword is, as one might expect, Longsword speed. Which is 1 Attack speed point slower than a whip or scimitar.