Dragonfire is the the result of the gases in a dragon's breath being pushed against the spark created when a dragon coughs at the sulphur in its throat. You will often see baby dragons failing to use this, coughing and smoke leaving their mouths. Because of this skill being difficult for dragons to master, only Adults will use it to combat their opponents. It is very potent and depending on which dragon uses it, can range from deadly to almost impossible to survive.


There are three kinds of protection against dragonfire. The first being to avoid dragons that breathe fire. The other two kinds of protection are to wield a shield that can withstand the blast from the dragon's gullet. These shield are:

  • Anti-Dragon Shield
  • Dragonfire Shield

Dragonfire is considered a magical ranged attack; due to this there is no way to fully block the breath.


Dragonfire is used in combat to eradicate unprepared opponents. The only way for humans to use dragonfire to their advantage is the use of one of these two items:

  • Dragonfire Shield
  • Dragon bolts (e)


  • Dragons received an intense power boost to their fire breath with the Dragons' Lair update.
  • Wearing dragonfire protection does not lower damage received from another player's Dragonfire Shield, but will lower damage taken from Dragon bolts (e).