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The Fire Pk Champion was the strongest monster in V2, and was often killed for a rare chance at chaotic weaponry. THIS MONSTER IS LOCATED IN THE WILDERNESS, ONLY BRING ITEMS YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE IN CASE OF PK'ERS.

The Fire Pk Champion appears to be wearing a custom mix of all the barrows armour, rogue boots, barrows gloves, a Chaotic Kiteshield, Dragon Cape, an Onyx Amulet with a silver trim, and a bronze brute-scimitar. His armour is custom due to the fact that the Champion is approximately 9 feet tall.


Hitpoints: 1,500

Level: 318

Max Hit: 20

Attack Speed: longsword speed

Attack Style: Magical Melee, Magic, Ranged.


Wilderness volcano, levels 20-22. Access this area by going to the Home Castle, talking to the dark mage, and selecting the "Fire Pk Champ" option (final option).


Items Dropped Chances of being dropped` Worth``
Dragon Bones 100% 150,000gp
Coins x10M 3%


Super Strength (3) 2% 165gp
Iron Pickaxe 1% -
Death Talisman 2% -
Monk's Robe (Bottom) 1% -
Rune Knife x50 3% -
Copper Ore (noted) x500 2%


Tin Ore (noted) x500 1% -
Ruby Ring 1% -
Iron Platelegs 1% -
Drop rate research is ongoing. Please wait for more drops to be added.
  • ` based on 100 kills
  • `` at Jatix


  • Since the addition of Flambeed and the Sea Troll Queen, very few players choose to hunt the Fire Pk Champion.
  • This was the most popular lure location in V2 and is rarely used in V3.