The High Level Training Area is at the bottom floor of the Underground Pass dungeon. This area contains some slayer demons and has a tunnel to the Kalphite Queen.

Getting thereEdit

Players can access this area by using the second option on the teleport tab named High Level Training Area.


There is only one NPC here, and that is Uwogo.


Lesser Demon (82): there are 4 lesser demons in this area, two are north of the teleportation entrance, and the other two are amongst the red dragons and greater demons.

Greater Demon (92): there are 3 greater demons in this area, they are all north of the teleportation entrance.

Red Dragon (152): BRING SOME SORT OF ANTIFIRE PROTECTION IF YOU WISH TO KILL THESE. There are 3 red dragons in this area, and they are along the western border of the area.

Black Demon (197): there are 3 black demons in this area, these are located north of the lesser and greater demons, and northeast of the red dragons.

Chaos Elemental (305): there is only one chaos elemental in the game and this area. The chaos elemental is not as powerful as it is in runescape and should not be overestimated.

Skills trained hereEdit

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Strength
  • Prayer
  • Hitpoints
  • Slayer
  • Magic
  • Ranged


  • Before Kalphite Queen was added to the monster teleport list, the only way to reach her was through the entrance at High Level Training Area
  • There used to be a Ladder (south of Uwogo) that took you to skeletons under crandor, this used to be the only way to get into the Tzhaar area as the entrance was there.
  • The three red dragons are rarely used since the Dragons' Lair update.
  • All objects (minus the entrance to the Kalphite Queen's den) were removed in the switch from V2 to V3.