The Jail is in the location after changing all sewer valves in the "Hazeel Cult" quest. The coffin in the area is Hazeel's (a mahjarrat you may revive in the quest). Most people are sent here when they break a rule that is harsh enough for punishment, but not harsh enough for a ban.

Getting thereEdit

You can only get here by teleportation from staff. Either they're in jail and they teleport you to them, or they jail you.


There are no NPCs here.


There are no monsters here.

Skills trained hereEdit

Whatever you bring in your inventory to use..

  • Firemaking
  • Fletching
  • Crafting


  • Jail has been a one on one area for staff to handle rulebreakers since V2
  • In V3 there are two seperate jails. A PCJail that only Fire can send you to, and a regular Jail any staff can send you to.