The low level training area is on Crandor Isle. This area consists of Rock Crabs, Scorpions, Wolves, Green Dragons, Bears, Heroes, and a Troll General.

Getting thereEdit

You can access this area via two simple ways. Either using the first location on your teleports tab (it's the low level training area) or you can type "::train".


There is only one NPC here, and that is Uwogo.


Rock Crabs (13): there are two locations for rock crabs. The first being on the northeastern tip where there are 4 rock crabs. this is the most popular area to kill them as it is so close to the teleport entrance. There are another 5 rock crabs south of the wolves.

Scorpions (14-32): there is one spot for scorpions, this is directly west of where you teleport in. There are two level 14 scorpions, a level 20 Poison Scorpion, and a level 32 King Scorpion.

Bears (19-21): there are two bears in the low level training area, a grizzly bear and a black bear. There is one of each bear. These are located west of the scorpions.

Wolves (60-83): there are two types of wolves in the low level training area. Snow Wolves and a Black Wolf. These wolves are located between the two rock crab locations, directly south of when you teleport in.

Heroes (69): there is only one location for heroes on the low level training area, which is south of the bears. There are 5 heroes here.

Green Dragons (79): BRING SOME SORT OF DRAGONFIRE PROTECTION IF YOU PLAN TO KILL THESE. This is one of the locations of green dragons, there are only two dragons here and are usually fought over. These are located on the mountain, heading east from the heroes.

Troll General (113): Located directly south of the dragons, this troll usually will attack you first as it is extremely aggressive and has a high aggro area. He is known for attacking Green Dragon slayers.

Skills trained hereEdit

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Strength
  • Prayer
  • Hitpoints
  • Slayer
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Mining


  • Since the addition of the Dragons' Lair, very few players come here to kill green dragons.
  • Close to nobody uses the southern rock crabs.
  • In the deep southern area there is a crashed ship from the Dragon Slayer quest, you can go inside of it.