The Red Dragon is the second strongest of the adult chromatic dragons, it has the ability to breathe fire and because of this PLAYERS SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTION TO DRAGONFIRE WHEN FIGHTING THESE. The red dragon is rarely killed as it awards the same amount of Dragon Points as a Green Dragon and only drops hides and bones.


Hitpoints: 145

Level: 152

Max Hit: 30` 20

Attack Speed: longsword speed

  • `without dragonfire protection

Attack Style: Dragonfire Dragon Points: 1 Dragon Point is awarded for each Red Dragon slain.


Red dragons are located on the western border of the High Level Training Area, certain areas of the wilderness, and the center section of The Dragons' Lair.


Item Dropped Chances of being Dropped Worth``
Dragon Bones 100% 150,000gp
Red Dragonhide 100% 45gp
  • `` at Jatix


  • Red dragons' max hit were raised with the release of the Dragons' Lair at the beginning of V3. Many players complained about how much harder dragons hit during the first few weeks of this change.
  • Red dragons slain at any location will award dragon points.
  • There are many species of dragon.